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J-450, Pony Square Point Shovel with Solid Shank

Part #1250300


The Jackson line is designed for consumers and professionals who expect high-quality features and durability. This sturdy square point shovel is perfect for moving loose garden material, sand, top soil or debris. It can also be used to shape beds, mix concrete, level off areas that need to be flat or to scrape stubborn material off driveways or other hard surfaces.


  • 47-inch sturdy, stained North American hardwood handle for long life
  • Forged steel blade with extended blade socket for stronger connection between handle and blade
  • Smooth-back blade prevents dirt and mud build-up
  • Forward turned-step for secure foot placement


  • Ltd. Lifetime


  • 9.25


  • 049206125032


  • 3.5


  • 58

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